Swell Maps were an experimental English rock group of the 1970s from Birmingham that foreshadowed the birth of post-punk [and noise/garage rock I’d say].
Influenced by the disparate likes of T.Rex and the German krautrock outfit, Can, they created a new soundscape that would be heavily mined by others in the post-punk era. Despite existing in various forms since 1972, Swell Maps only really came together as a musical entity after the birth of British punk rock. [source]




“I Wanna Destroy You” by The Soft Boys. I just learned of this band through my quest to become an authority on 1980’s and late 70’s Punk and Indie scene. The Soft Boys, from Cambridge England, started there band in 1978 with their debut LP Can Of Bees. The Soft Boys disbanded however shortly after their sophomore album Underwater Moonlight in 1980. But according to Wikipedia (where all of this information comes from by the way) they have regrouped and disbanded off and on in the late 90’s and again in the early 2000’s. Their sound is like all early punk lo-fi and poppy with this recording sounding like it was ripped from an original vinyl.

at the beginning of the song, i thought this was going to be a skipper.  iiiiii wannna destroy you.  now i can’t get it out of my head and couldnt be stokeder.

A truly excellent album you cannot miss if you like rock’n roll.