Anorak - Wood philosophy from the album Sick

Just one of my favorite track from this chaotic metalcore/grindcore french band I was talking about in my previous post where I was describing it as a “Botch/Deadguy tribute under the scorching sun of Gaza”. Not that I wanna make a catalog of their influences but I think I also hear some Neurosis shadow in that song. You can hear two more tracks on one of the label bandcamp page. Buy it on Maximum Douglas Records, Basement Apes Industries or Swarm of Nails.

What I’m listening to these days

Metallic hardcore in love with the 90’s (aka metalcocore) international session

Pristina - The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow)

Today is the Day tribute with parts of Bloodlet & Starkweather (USA)
“The Drought (ov Salt and Sorrow) features a 23-minute title track, boasting guest appearances by Today Is The Day’s Steve Austin, Bloodlet’s Scott Angelacos, and Starkweather’s Rennie Resmini. Today Is The Day fans will also recognize a faithful cover of the classic “Temple Of The Morning Star.”

KEN Mode - Venerable

AmRep noise bands tribute produced by Kurt Ballou (Canadia)

Anorak - Sick

Botch/Deadguy tribute under the scorching sun of Gaza (France)