I don’t know much more perfect ending to a record than The Evidence followed by Terminal Crush on Pass and Stow. Just hearing the first notes gives me goosebumps (NB: this is not a violent/noisy/hardcore/dissonant song. Even if you don’t like what I usually post you should really give it a try. And yes I know that Spotify has commercials and requires a software installation but it’s free & legal. Or you pay for it & you don’t get commercials anymore).

Dischord is currently reissuing all their records in Vinyl (with MP3 dowload codes) so what are you waiting for?

Listening to Lungfish all day, every day. Such a perfect band, post-hardcore for the slow crowd.

Lungfish is a  band formed in 1987 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. All of their music has been released by the Washington, D.C. punk labelDischord except for their first LP, Necklace of Heads which was released by Simple Machines (it was later added to the CD release of Talking Songs for Walking by Dischord).



I’m not talking about a Beatle’s song,
written 100 years before I was born.
100 flowers bloom, 100 schools of thought contend,
c’mon baby, let’s hang around,
they’re talking about the round and round,
but who’s got the real anti-parent culture sound? 

I’ve read a lot about this band being under-rated, I don’t know if it’s true & I don’t care but for me they’re as important as Fugazi and Frodus in the post-hardcore scene. Combining the energy & groove of rock’n roll with the cool & class factors of jazz, no doubt they were hugely influential, especially on a certain Swedish band called Refused

Nation of Ulysses’ music was noisy and manic, but they also had a strong free-jazz influence. The group embodied a rejection of the 60’s and 70’s music and styling by rejecting drug use and advocating that punk youth dress nicely and sensibly. To this end, the liner notes of 13-Point Program to Destroy America states the band’s aim “To dress well, as clothing and fashion, are the only things which we — the kids — being utterly disenfranchised, have any control over.”[11] Much of the band admitted to not knowing how to play their instruments well, stating “All you need is a concept. There’s no reason you have to sound like Led Zeppelin.”[12]

The band was known for their extremely physical performances, during some of which Svenonius recalls breaking his arm, his leg, and breaking his head open on numerous occasions. Audience members were also hurt during performances. Svenonius described Nation of Ulysses performances as “an extraordinary freak-out kind of thing […] really masochistic, lots of blood […] cacophonous, and violent, and aggressive.”[6]

picture by Don Lewis, from the band’s page on Dischord




Rites of Spring - Deeper Than Inside

The band that basically single handedly started the original wave of emocore bands. If you think you know what that word means, you probably don’t and need to listen to this fucking band.


Yes, Rites of Spring formed by Minor Threat fan Guy Picciotto - who would latter be in Fugazi with Rites of Spring drummer Brendan Canty & IanMc Kaye - is responsible for the birth of emotional hardcore or emo (I think emocore is the ugliest word). Even if of course there was emotion in hardcore before, I think it was more focused on anger & rebellion rather than sadness, ill-being & expressing your own feelings and that would become the difference between emo and traditional hardcore (also the reason why some stupid straight-edge so called tough guys would call it “gay”).

The numerous bands formed in the wake of Rites of Spring - Embrace (w/ MacKaye), Gray Matter, Dag Nasty… - would lead to what is now called Revolution Summer in 1985, definitely launching the emo genre. Too bad most people today think emo is some shitty whining pop or some german band for teenage girls thanks to the fuckers from MTV, although it’s their loss. Check the online emo bible aka fourfa.com if you wanna know more on “What the heck *is* emo anyway?”.

By the way this very important album has been remastered by Dischord and you can buy it on LP with a free MP3 download for 11 $ so what are you waiting for ?