Terminus, tout le monde descend
You should pay rent in my mind

furniture has no say in life
it was made to be used by people
how many times have you felt like a bookcase
sitting in a living room gathering dust
full of thoughts already written?

Of Course There Is A Ukelele Fugazi Cover Band Called Fugulele. Obviously.




If Fugazi remix albums and mashups with Wu-Tang Clan aren’t enough to fill the Fugazi-sized hole in your heart that Ian Mackaye made when he started playing songs about vowels in the Evens, here is a band called Fugulele which, as the name might summarize, is a ukelele Fugazi cover band. Enjoy?

Listen to their very whimsical cover of ‘Waiting Room’ after the jump…

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I am so happy this band exists. Seriously.


It’s Friday night. Reminds me that I always miss the last chance for a slow dance.

Coughing inside your coffin like at the bottom of the sea
Inside you’re breathing
too numb for asking
so i will leave it
outside your door

Fugazi - I'm So Tired
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Fugazi - I’m So Tired 

I’m so tired, sheep are counting me
No more struggle, no more energy
No more patient and you can write that down
It’s all too crazy and I’m not sticking round

Goes well with the current weather…

Fugazi - Do you like me?
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Fugazi - Do you like me? from the album Red Medicine

This album & therefore this song was my first contact with Fugazi and even post-hardcore. I was a young moron at the time, listening mostly to SoCal Punk rock. Needless to say I was blown away & bought all their records after that. To this day it’s still my favorite Fugazi song. #coolstorybro

Your eyes like crashing jets
Fixed in stained glass
But not religious
You should pay rent in my mind
Say like the french say bonsoir regret à demain à demain
Do you like me?
Do you like me?
Do you like me I guess
White witness moves to petition the state of virginia for 27 prisons
While in bethesda an office flaming youth group singing
Firemen calling in
Lockheed lockheed martin marietta
Do you like me I guess
End of the lesson time for one question
End of the lesson time for one more question
I got a question.
I got a question.
Do you like me?