It’s Monday, are you young and in the way?

YAITW (Young and in the Way) are a blackened metal/crust hybrid from the shadows of North Carolina. Over the last four years YAITW have evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast. With each offering melding a vicious metal speed and hypnotic atmospherics with a bleak hardcore/punk spirit.

"When Life Comes To Death" is the newest album from YAITW. It is their eleven song war between the pain of living and the magnetic pull of death. Each song is as dispirited and vitriolic as the next. Embattled opener "Betrayed By Light" emerges from darkness first, setting an ominous tone with haunting buzz-saw guitars, vicious vocals, and crushing d-beat drumming. While YAITW embrace demon speed and emotional dynamics in nihilistic hymns "Be My Blood", "Take My Hand", "We Are Nothing", and more. All leading to closers "Shadow of Murder" and "Embrace Extinction", that together play as an aural eclipse of truly epic proportions.

Universal Order of Armageddon was an American hardcore band, active from 1992 to 1994 and reformed in 2010. They became known for their extreme short chaotic performances, sometimes resulting in complete destruction. Drummer Brooks Headley once said, "Our live shows are like turning on a vacuum cleaner for like ten minutes". Guitarist Tonie Joy and bassist Scott Malat would often leap off their amplifiers resulting in hurting themselves and their equipment. (source)

The Sound of Tuesday. When life is conspiring against you, you can always rely on hardcore punk as a motivation to bite back.

DYS is an American straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts who were part of the notorious “Boston Crew” in the 1980s, along with contemporaries such as SSD and Negative FX. The group later expanded their sound, becoming one of the first hardcore bands to veer into heavy metal.