Terminus, tout le monde descend


To the anon who just asked “What Snapcase record should I start with?”

Anyone who tells you anything other than Progression Through Unlearning is out of their tree. Designs For Automation is dope, but it doesn’t maximize stagedives like Progression.

I have to agree.

The Middle Class are an American punk rock/hardcore punk band established in 1977 in Santa Ana, California. 
The band’s most popular release was Out of Vogue EP, released in 1978, particularly known for its extremely fast title track. The Middle Class are generally considered one of the first bands to play hardcore punk.


In case you missed it, here are two tracks off the new DAGGERS LP! Their new album “It’s Not Jazz, It’s Blues” will be released on March 31th via Throatruiner Records.

Interesting evolution, really curious about this new album now.

Fuck yeah, Primitive Man is finally on Spotify, perfect timing for my current mood.

Token Entry - The Re-Issues. Old school NYHC

Baptists - Bushcraft. Spotify recommendations rarely works but this one was on point. Great photo cover for some relentless crusty fast hardcore that should please Cursed fans. 

The Sound of Tuesday. When life is conspiring against you, you can always rely on hardcore punk as a motivation to bite back.

DYS is an American straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts who were part of the notorious “Boston Crew” in the 1980s, along with contemporaries such as SSD and Negative FX. The group later expanded their sound, becoming one of the first hardcore bands to veer into heavy metal.

The sound of Thursday.

Random fact, the lead vocalist Peter Stahl was also the singer of the doom band Goatsnake and contributed to the Sunn 0))) album ØØ Void.

Someone’s gonna get burned

The sound of Monday. 
Also on Bandcamp

This band is amazing and this first full-length of theirs is relentless, unhinged, chaotic crust! Somewhat in the vein of His Hero is Gone, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, but with a very distinct and brutal edge, Masakari fuses their apocalyptic crust with the raging power of Discharge/Disfear D-beat and the hard-edged Japanese punk stylings of G.I.S.M., with a smattering of blast-beat driven grindcore to drive it all home.
From the Southern Lord press release.

The sound of Monday

You woke up late, you’re probably tired
You’re always tired […]
Your job is angry, they’re always angry
You’re probably fired.
Your girl is angry, she’s always angry
You’re probably single. 

Oathbreaker (Belgian Hardcore band with a female singer) new album Eros|Anteros published by Deathwish Inc. should be available today in all good stores. 

Belgium is a hotbed for a certain type of hardcore sound, embodied in bands like Rise & Fall, Amenra and others. Oathbreaker is another band that flirts with that particular oppressive-hardcore sound, yet this Belgian crew also dabbles in epic screamo (ala Envy) on their new LP Eros|Anteros due via Deathwish on August 20. Sure, black metal, post-rock, and punk/metal riffs are all present, but the band’s melodicism also adds a different spin, making tracks like “Condor Tongue” that much more interesting.
(source: BrooklynVegan)

Page 99 & Majority both rule.

Finally found Brume Retina’s last album streaming online, on the bandcamp of one of the label that released it. Great screaming noisy hardcore from Paris. I miss seeing them live…

Brume Retina plays frenetic, fast screaming music, with odd song structures, and beautiful guitar melodies. 

Just what I needed today.