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This band is amazing and this first full-length of theirs is relentless, unhinged, chaotic crust! Somewhat in the vein of His Hero is Gone, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, but with a very distinct and brutal edge, Masakari fuses their apocalyptic crust with the raging power of Discharge/Disfear D-beat and the hard-edged Japanese punk stylings of G.I.S.M., with a smattering of blast-beat driven grindcore to drive it all home.
From the Southern Lord press release.

Oathbreaker (Belgian Hardcore band with a female singer) new album Eros|Anteros published by Deathwish Inc. should be available today in all good stores. 

Belgium is a hotbed for a certain type of hardcore sound, embodied in bands like Rise & Fall, Amenra and others. Oathbreaker is another band that flirts with that particular oppressive-hardcore sound, yet this Belgian crew also dabbles in epic screamo (ala Envy) on their new LP Eros|Anteros due via Deathwish on August 20. Sure, black metal, post-rock, and punk/metal riffs are all present, but the band’s melodicism also adds a different spin, making tracks like “Condor Tongue” that much more interesting.
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Tones From the Underground has a look back at one of the Richmond-defining bands of the early 1990s:

Later the next summer, I moved in with my band to a house on Floyd Avenue. We thought we were pretty good. But then, I had never heard Sliang Laos. This was soon to change. In that dingy, Rhaphidophoridae-infested basement, my friends and I would hang out and listen to records.

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i’d argue that it’s breadwinner
feel free to check them out

I’d like to agree on Breadwinner but also feel the need to mention Honor RoleCity of Caterpillar & Kepone. But I’m not from Richmond at all so my opinion is probably irrelevant. 

Haymaker is a hardcore/punk band from Hamilton, Ontario comprised of former members of Left For Dead, Chokehold, The Swarm etc. They are well-known for extreme shows which usually end with fights and injuries. Their shows are usually closed down due to the violence, on some occasions parts of the club have been set on fire. Haymaker typically play live once every 1-2 years.
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I have no idea is any of this is true & I’m opposed to almost any form of violence (except against clowns) but damn those are some angry Canadians.

After hearing a lot about this album by Convul (formerly Convulsions) - released last year & mentioned in several best of 2012 - I finally started listening to it. I’m always very cautious about anything labeled as progressive in music & I have to admit I wasn’t totally convinced by my first listenings but I think it’s starting to really grow on me. I have no clear idea which band to compare it & even have the hardest time describing their sound, some sort of angry bastard child fathered by progressive hardcore & southern doom? But you can read a good review of it by Tight to the Nail & make your own opinion by listening to it on Spotify or Bandcamp. Modern technology I salute you.