I’ll never get tired of Nomeansno, how could I?

Even their earliest recordings demonstrate impressive instrumental technique (“some of the most complex instrumentation you’re ever likely to find in punk rock”[4]). Jazz has been an influence on the group; Rob’s basslines have a loping, melodic quality often reminiscent of Charles Mingus, and John’s drumming sometimes sounds a bit like Elvin Jones or Art Blakey. John’s drumming style has been mentioned as an influence to others, including Dave Grohl[6] and Tim Solyan from Victims Family.

Nomeansno’s output features a seemingly endless flow of “Wright/wrong/right” puns, and significant measures of black humour, with “pointedly warped lyrics”, such as on “Dad” from Sex Mad. The song was a minor college radio hit, and has been called “a bit chilling, even though it’s spit out at slam-pit's pace”. The first person narrator details a rampaging father’s physical and sexual abuse, ending with what’s been called a “killer end touch—the baldly delivered line ‘I’m seriously considering leaving home.’”[7] One critic (while noting the group’s “savage intelligence”) suggests that Nomeansno might well be “the secret influence on a fair amount of both early-’90s math rock and emo, what with the barely controlled fervour of the singing and the sudden jerks back and forth in the rhythm section.”[8]